bluealphonsetoo said:  Haha cool, uhm could I go with Rose? (either her or nine?) if that's ok with you?

that’s great! one more person to add! i’m really happy you’re joining! :D

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why don’t i just not go to prom? 

it’d save you all that money you keep talking about. god, why is everything about fucking money?? prom is expensive, graduation party is expensive, vacation is expensive, and you planned that one and i’m part of the celebration! why don’t you guys see? money doesn’t scare me. that scares me, the fact that money doesn’t scare me scares me. but i’m rolling with it. i’m going along, because i don’t want to get caught up in the money thing. I’m already planning things out, finding help, and i don’t even have loans yet! i am okay with paying off loans if it means i get the education of my dreams. so many of my friends say they don’t want to go to a private/expensive school because they don’t want to be paying off loans and so many of my friends’ parents wont let them go to an expensive college because of the money but you guys didn’t and i love that. not that i wouldn’t have gone to nyu anyways, you guys couldn’t have stopped that decision. but we keep having this “money is really important” comment fly and i know it’s important! i’m not stupid. but money doesn’t scare me. you keep contradicting what you’re saying, that prom is such an important milestone and so many parents look forward to it, but you don’t want to pay to have those memories for life? you’d rather pay for an expensive 15-minute limo ride instead of pictures? what????? i wish you guys had been the parents who were best friends with their kids’ friends too. that sounds creepy, but you wouldn’t have so casually pushed aside the fact that i want pictures with all of my friends if you were like that. you guys want me to remember high school but don’t want to pay for me to have those memories? you guys don’t want me to hate this town and these people but you won’t help pay during a night that might be the last chance this town has for redemption?? how come you guys keep contradicting yourselves? and what’s with being so critical of the ideas we have? i know we’ll get that in the real world and it’s nothing new, believe me, but immediately shooting down the one idea we’ve had yet? not the best form. i’ve talked with a max of four people about prom plans and that suggestion wasn’t even mine! don’t shoot it down, especially not when i felt good about it. you want a limo but not pictures? money, money, money. everything comes down to it. and that sucks. find a different argument. i’m not sure i’ll be accepting that one anymore.

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doctor who + cinematography


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love of my life/bane of my existence → Chris Evans

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Then vs. Now


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